The Update Framework

A framework for securing software update systems


The project is currently managed by Justin Cappos at New York University’s Secure Systems Lab. Many people have contributed to the project since its inception, including academics, professional developers, and contributors from the open-source community. We especially acknowledge the individuals from the open-source community who have contributed to the TUF project over the years.

Please visit the governance page to learn how project decisions are made, and for a more detailed explanation of the project roles used below.

Consensus Builder:

Justin Cappos


GitHub username: @JustinCappos

PGP fingerprint: E9C0 59EC 0D32 64FA B35F  94AD 465B F9F6 F8EB 475A


Sebastien Awwad


GitHub username: @awwad

PGP fingerprint: C2FB 9C91 0758 B682 7BC4  3233 BC0C 6DED D5E5 CC03

Lukas Pühringer


GitHub username: @lukpueh

PGP fingerprint: 8BA6 9B87 D43B E294 F23E  8120 89A2 AD3C 07D9 62E8